Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Year's Resolution Swap Box


I really, really want to do this!!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Christmas Card Carousel

MERRY CHRISTMAS and welcome to our blog!

If you're visiting from Faith's Christmas Card Carousel or The Calhoun Clique thanks for stopping by!  I love meeting new people!  Leave me a comment so I can stop by to see your Christmas card, too!

Let me start off by saying oh, how I wish I had done a better job of keeping up with my yearly Christmas cards!  I do have a few that - in the "early years" - I never put on the blog, but I am missing a few years, too.  Note to younger moms:  Save at least one or two of your Christmas cards every year.  I have seen so many great ways others have displayed their family cards every year and it's such a great memory piece!  Also remember to put the year on your card, too.  Here are a few that I was able to find on our blog from Christmases past.

This one is one of my favorites!  Wayne and I set up the "camera shoot" right in our living room!  We just threw a white sheet over a door and starting taking pictures!  I got the idea from the internet {pre-Pinterest}.  Alise was three and I just loved those pajamas.  That was our precious polka dot year! 

We took Alise to her first Alabama game when she was five.  Wayne insisted on an Alabama - themed  card that year.

Another Christmas favorite. I loved the chalkboard design and this was another "at-home" Christmas shot right in our very own front yard!  Everyone wanted to know where I got Alise's skirt last year.  It came from Claire's, if you can believe that, for about $12!  She loved getting to wear it to all her Christmas parties.

For some reason this year, I wasn't interested in the family Christmas card.  I think because our end of summer and entire Fall have been filled with nothing but CHEER!  It just seemed perfect to me that this "at-home" picture would be our card this year because it summed up our world lately.  My initial plans were to go in a blue theme to be different, but I ended up liking this style of card much better.  I wish I had remembered to have the year put on the card.

Merry Christmas from the Hortons!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Tour of Homes Fail

Okay so I totally failed when it came to Kelly's Christmas Tour of Homes this year, but like I've tole y'all before, I didn't get all our Christmas stuff out this year ANYWAY, so it really doesn't matter.  I enjoy looking at everyone ELSE's homes all decorated for the season, so it's a win for me.

{But, hey, I did get my Top 5 on Friday post out on time and if you're in the mood to bake some Christmas treats, ya might wanna check that one out!}

I need to get on my soap box for a few minutes.  Cue the mic, Peeps!

So, long story short, I found out on the way to school - because Alise is nearly in tears - that some of her class mates and very best friends got "letters" {and I'm being vague for a reason} earlier in the week {Alise likes to tell me things DAYS after they happen!} from a prestigous college.  Fourth grade, now.  The children that received the letters are straight A students. Alise is a straight A student.  Alise did not get a letter. 


No drop off in the car line that morning.  I actually parked!!

I started with her teacher, who knew absolutely nothing about the letters except to say that they were in her box with the children's names on them.  She put the letters on the children's desks that morning earlier in the week.  She told me that I would need to talk to our Principal.  Wrong answer. If you are the teacher, you need to know what you're passing out to your kids.

So then I march down to the Principal's office - I won't even go there how I feel about that one!  - and I told her that I needed to talk to her.  She took me in her office and I asked about these "letters."  Apparently, Alise did not score within the first 90th percentile of her class on her school's standardized test last Spring.  I asked about a new student that did recieve a letter and was told that she scored within the 90th percentile at her old school - I won't even go there about that - but I was fine with the explanation.  I was not mad or jealous about Alise not receiving a letter after I understand why she didn't receive one.  She didn't score high enough.  Okay.  The letters were basically to the PARENTS letting them know and that they could get more testing, blah, blah, blah.  Our principal told me that it was really not a big deal until the 6th grade and that Alise had two more years to get her scores up. Whatever.

WHAT I DID HAVE A PROBLEM WITH was how these letters were distributed!  These letters should have been MAILED HOME TO THE PARENTS!!!  They should NOT have been given out at school!!  First of all, it's a pretty big thing!  It's great news!  Have the @$#% courtesy to send the letter BY MAIL!!  Second of all, kids talk!  Now, my daughter is sitting in class, upset, because she KNOWS she's a straight A student and she didn't get a letter AND SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHY!!!

So yea!  I had all that drama last week!!

Bah humbug!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Scratch One Off The Bucket List

I get to scratch an item off my Bucket List!!

My wonderful husband took me to see Garth Brooks in Little Rock this past week!!

I've wanted to see Garth Brooks ever since he ruled the music world in the late 80's and early '90's.  He came to Funroe when I was in college, but I didn't get to go.  That was when the "arm band" rules were the latest and greatest thing.  Well, guess what?!  It didn't work in Funroe!  People camped out at the Civic Center days before the tickets went on sale - and this was before Ticket Master, too - just to get an arm band to THEN be able to be put in the "pool" to get a ticket.  A complete FEE-ASS-CO here in our small town!!  Such chaos, that Garth decided to add not one, but TWO more shows here in our redneck town!!  He played three nights here, just like he did in Little Rock last week!

And I'm going to say this.  I was SO disappointed when I didn't get to see Garth.  My friends got to go because they had boyfriends that somehow managed to get tickets, so I was really sad about the whole thing.  I know it was just a concert, and just Garth in some people's eyes, but to me back then, it was like seeing Elvis or Michael Jackson, ya know?  I was nineteen and who wouldn't want to see the biggest show to come to Funroe since Elvis Presley??  But y'all, I truly believe that God planned it that way!  That I would miss Garth nearly twenty-two years ago to the day, so that I would get to have one of my wishes come true with the love of my life, my husband!  So it made Saturday night so much more special! Just a reminder that God sees the whole picture and He knows what's best for His children.

And just for the record, those concerts were in November 1992.  Wayne and I met in the beginning of January 1993.

And until Saturday night, Wayne had never seen Garth in concert, either.

Good stuff, y'all!

Displaying 20141213_165111.jpg

So on the way to Little Rock Saturday afternoon, I was like a kid at Disney!  I was SO excited and naturally it seemed like it took us forever to get there!  We got their early with full intentions of going somewhere nice to eat before the concert, but that didn't happen.  There was a Benny Hannas at one of the hotels and even though that was too far out of our league, the line was out the hotel, so we knew there was no way we were getting in.  We had to opt for an Irish Bar/Grill a block from the Verizon Arena, which was okay until out waitress told us that they were shutting the kitchen down because they had too many orders.  Um? Excuse me?  Did you not know that Garth Brooks was in town?  And had been for two nights previously?!  So we had to settle with just an appetizer of Spinach Artichoke Dip.  The place was packed!!

The concert was AH-MAY-ZEEING!!!  He sang all his old stuff just like I was hoping he would!  I cried through "Unanswered Prayers" and "The Dance."  Garth came back out for not one, not two, but THREE oncores.  Got to hear me some "She's In Love With The Boy" from Trisha Yearwood!  She looked great!!

Displaying 20141213_205323.jpg

I only have one picture from the concert and that's only because Wayne took it with my phone.  I was so into it the whole time, that I never thought about taking a picture!  We had a great time and made it home safely at 2:30 Sunday morning!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Top 5 : When It Comes To Food...

A few weeks ago, I came up with the slogan, "When it comes to food, it's okay to be a Scrooge" and it kinda stuck.  I like it!  Maybe I should get a t-shirt printed up!  Just sayin'.

Anyhoo, it's Friday Top 5 and today I'm sharing my top five go-to, Christmas gifting - or in my case, Scrooge-eating - recipes!  These are my family's favorites and they get requested every season.  I normally spend one entire weekend in December doing nothing but baking! I have the Christmas music cranked up, my apron on, maybe a glass of wine {or two}, and before you know it!  There's flour all over the floor and every spoon in the kitchen needs to be washed!  Fun, fun, fun!

Here we go:

{one.} Peanut Butter Blossoms - one package of Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookie Mix/one package of Reese's miniature PB cups/Mix dough according to directions/Place small balls of dough in miniature muffin tin and press dough around sides of cups./Place one Reese candy in the center/Cook for about 10 minutes in 325 degree oven.

{two.} Red Velvet Cake Balls - This recipe went around Blog Land a few years ago and I was really skeptical about trying it.  Anything dipped in something just seems like too much work for me, but these are so, so easy!  One package of red velvet cake mix/one tub of cream cheese icing (not the cheap stuff, either!)/white melting chocolate or almond bark/Bake cake according to directions in a 9 x 13 pan/Once cake is cooled, crumble into a large bowl/Mix in the icing and stir and stir/Form bite-sized balls (this can be messy)/Cover and chill balls in the refrigerator/Dip in white chocolate.

{three.}  Marshmallow Cream Fudge - See the back of the Marchmallow Cream jar.  Enough said.

{four.}  Dipped Pretzels - These babies never stick around for very long!  It's just something about the sweet and salty that just get to us!!  If you can, try finding the Christmas pretzels, but if you can't, regular ones work fine, too.  Simply heat up some almond bark in a bowl in the microwave/Pour in enough pretzels so that they are all nicely coated with bark/Place on waxed paper to dry.  I like to sprinkle red and green sugar over mine when I first sit them on the waxed paper.

{five.}  Peppermint brownies - Bake your favorite brownie recipe/ After brownies have cooled, frost them with a thin layer of cream cheese icing and sprinkle crushed candy canes on top!  Easy peasy!  There's something about chocolate and peppermint at Christmas time!

We've got BIG plans this weekend - more about that next week - so I won't be able to do any baking.  It looks like next weekend will be the time that I spend in the kitchen whipping up these and {hopefully} some new recipes!  Enjoy!

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