Wednesday, July 01, 2015

DIY: 4th of July Firecrackers

Happy July, Peeps!

A few weeks ago, I was browsing in Hobby Lobby during my lunch break, and fell in LOVE with their resin, painted firecrackers.  And like most people that visit that store, I thought to myself, "Hey!  I can do this!"

And I did it!  Or at least, Alise did it for me!  By the time we got around to starting our little "patriotic project," I had already had my accident, but Alise is such the artist and creator, so she was all about getting her craft on!  

All you need is a cylinder tube and paint! Oh, and a little "sparkle" for the wick.

It may be a little tricky to find the perfect cylinder.  I had originally thought about using a Pringles can - and still might for our next firecracker {because I want them at different heights}! - until I found these cork wine carriers on the 60% off aisle at Michael's one day!  I knew they would work perfectly!  Would you believe the paint and sponge brushes combined cost more than the cylinder? The paint and brushes were $5 and the cylinder was $4, so this little 4th of July project cost less than $10 bucks!!  Yay me!  And compared to the price Hobby Lobby wanted for their firecrackers, I considered it a win!!

Alise did most of the painting for me. It took about three coats of the dull white to cover up the color of the cork. But she insisted I do the red stripes and the stars.  She said, "Mommie, I don't want to mess up your project."  She is so sweet!

Who says you can't paint in one of your favorite summer dresses?  My striping wasn't perfect, but I wasn't going for perfection.  Just a fun project that I could do together with my Baby Girl!

I love how our little "patriotic project" turned out! I've moved my firecracker piece several times, but I think my favorite place is here on the island.  They would still make the perfect wine carriers to a 4th of July party or to a pool party with friends this summer! Alise has already asked me when we're going to make another one! 

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Coffee Talk With Felicia

I live with a MONSTAH!  

Think Ouiser Boudreaux, Truvy Jones, and M'Lynn Eatenton, Shelby Eatenton, and Clairee Belcher possessin' the same peri-menopausal body!  This chic is legit!

It's like Southern-style Poltergeist up in my world, with the head spinning and all that jazz! I mean, I am just a BOOT!  I get walked on every. single. day {And this mistress ain't no light weight if ya know what I mean! I told her last week when she was stuffing that free chocolate silk pie down her throat, "Uh, huh! That there gon' come back to haunt cha!" And sure nuff!  All I heard the rest of the night was, "Awwwwwww!  I shouldn't have eaten that pie!  My stomach is killing me!"}!

I know she tol' y'all that I'm a party pooper and I don't like to socialize with her friends.  Well, DANG!  If you had to carry all that weight around on that right foot evah day, you'd be calling it a day early, too!  I mean, seriously!  It's not like I could have enjoyed a cosmo, too!  If I'd been there, I'd be chanting, bring me mo, mo, MO!  Understand?  Forget the 'cos,' bring me the 'mo.'  Y'all don't know how bad I needed a drink that very day!

Bet she ain't tol' y'all she named her crutches, 'Tooty' and 'Fruity,' has she? Yep! They 'fruity' alright!  Y'all shoulda seen how fast she had those two running when she got caught in that rain storm the other night trying to walk out of a store!  I was praying the whole time, "Lawd, PLEASE give me and Tuity and Fruitty the strength to make it to the car! PLEASE don't let this woman fall out here in the parking lot in front of e'rybody!" I mean, for real!  I work alone. I don't need no partner on the other foot, knowwhatImean?

This lady can't clean, she can't cook, she can't take the dog out, she can't wash clothes!...what CAN she do?  This lady needs some DRUGS and I ain't talking them "'sensual oils," she's been telling y'all 'bout, either! I mean drugs with a capital D. Prozac.  Xanax.  Wine.  Lots and lots of wine. She's crazy with a southern accent!

Oh, she can wear me out just walking around the house barking orders to er'body! "Wayne, please bring me my Diet Coke.  Alise, please bring me my phone.  Has anyone seen my ipad?  Wayne, you need to wrap my ankle.  Alise! Get yo' a$$ in the bed!!"  Ha ha!  Now THAT'S a good one!  All Monstah's gotta do is throw out a few choice words and er'body starts hopping! But those frozen bag of peas?  Lawd, when she goes to hollering for those bags of peas, I wanna holler, "Thank you, Jesus!" My day is over because I know she'll be ripping me off with a vengence, to get her big, fat, ugly, ol' ankle elevated and iced in Mr. Wayne's nice recliner right in front of that big, ol' TV.  I don't think he likes switching places with her that much, either.

Look, I just try to mind my own business.  I just sleep over in the corner of the bedroom when I'm not carrying around all that hot weight. I think I finally convinced this Monstah to wear dresses to work.  Me and pants just don't jive, ya know?  Too much material to deal with.  So then she gets all huffy saying she'll hafta shave her legs every night.  I said, "Lady, ain't nobody looking at you in yo boot and they certainly ain't looking at yo legs."  Yea, that didn't go over too well. Next morning, she's spraying the you-know-what out of a big can of sexy som'thing on her hair and repeating to herself, "Big hair means closer to God. Big hair means closer to God."  If I had a dollar for e'rey morning I hafta hear that, I'd be RICH!  I wouldn't NEED to work!

So next time Monstah posts a picture of me "photo bombing" on Instagram or writes mean and hateful things 'bout me on this here blog, y'all just remember ONE THANG!

i wish i was felicia! she's always going somewhere

Haters gonna hate!  I'M the one going places!  Not her!  Not the Monstah! At least not with MY help, she ain't! I know, breaking tendons and ligaments...ain't no JOY to be found in that!  'Specially when you gotta peri-menopausal Monstah to go with it!  So y'all be praying for a fast recovery for Monstah so I can get the heck out of her crazy world!

NOTE: A special thank you to my Instagram friend, Jessica, for sending me this picture last Friday {This is Laura talking, now, by the way!  I've "reclaimed" the blog!}! When I saw it, I nearly fell out of my chair and although I had already started Felicia's monologue, I knew I had to include it in the post! It was perfect! Thanks, Jessica! And if you would like to hear MY SIDE OF THE STORY, just click on the link!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Miscellaneous Monday

I will just go ahead and apologize for this lengthy post, but I have lots of things to share today.

I have gotten SO many compliments on the yellow lace dress I bought earlier this season.  I even wore it to work last week with a small, but noticeable stain on the front of it. Of course, I didn't realize it until I got to work, so there wasn't much I could do about it until I got home and it washed up well. The GOOD news is that the dress is now on sale for...wait for it....wait for it....less than $30!!  You can check it out HERE! I just love the Chelsea and Violet brand!  And Dillard's is having QUITE the sale with additional sale prices on already reduced items! Be sure to check them out!

Because of my accident, Baby Girl has become quite the chef around our house this summer!  And she's loving it! I mentioned earlier that we enjoy watching all the cooking shows that come on prime time during the summer months and getting to do a little hands-on at camp a few weeks ago, have really fueled her interests!  So far, she's made her camp version of sausage bread (for Wayne on Father's Day!), tacos (with only a little help with draining the grease), and blueberry muffins!  So, so proud of her!  And she makes an excellent nurse, too!  I was telling Wayne just this morning that I've only heard her huff and puff once or twice when I've asked her to do something for me. Other than that, she's been great!

My aunt and uncle are in the process of going through my late grandmother's things and there were some dishes that I specifically asked to have if they came across them.  My mom delivered "the goods" the week that I fell and I just haven't had time to post about them. My grandmother's dishes never matched {and now that I think about it, may be where I get the fact that I mixmatch my Fiestaware to this day!}, but there were certain dishes that I remember specific food always went in when we went to visit and now, having those dishes in my possession bring back fond memories of my grandma. Not pictured is the porcelain sugar that always sat on my grandma's table.  I remember my grandpa scooping sugar out of it in the mornings for his coffee.  He always slurped his coffee from the saucer.  Memories.

My aunt surprised me by also including in my stash two plates that I always loved. I specifically remember eating off one of these plates one year at Thanksgiving when I was about eight or nine.  I remember thinking back then that those plates were so special because they were "different." And then I had a crazy thought!  Why not use the plates in my 4th of July tablescape?!  After all, they do have an air of  "Independence" to them!

We had Alise's softball team over Saturday night for the end-of-the-year party and it was a huge success! You can't go wrong with pizza and cupcakes.  But I have to say, the "adult appetizers" and "adult dessert" was an even BIGGER success! 

I have seen this dip recipe all over Pinterest and decided to try it Saturday night for the party and let me just say that it totally lives up to all the hype!!  A dip with a kick! It is delicious!!  Next time I make it - which will be VERY soon - I will double the recipe!  I can't tell you how much you really, really need to make this dip!  It would be perfect for that 4th of July pool party!  I also made the fruit dip I posted about on Friday, but I decided to plate it similar to another picture on Pinterest.  Wayne made Oreo ice cream for all the parents and the party ended on a high note.  A sugar high note.  Ha!

Here's a picture of Alise and her good friend, AG.  AG's mom reads my blog and reminded me to put the Corn Dip on the blog {Hey, Jennifer!!  Scroll up for the link to the recipe!  I didn't forget about you!}! The cupcakes made in the shape of a softball were a hit for the girls!

On Saturday, my tassel necklace from Purple Peridot came in and I'm in love!  So, so cute and I can't wait to wear it the rest of the summer! Be sure to check out their website for some cute, in-style jewelry options!  My next purchase will be the tassel bracelet!

On Sunday, Alise and I went to church with my parents because I wanted to hear their new pastor.  Sometimes it's just rewarding to hear another preacher every now and then, I think, and I enjoyed going to church with my parents because I haven't done so in years! The Supreme Court decision this past week had left me feeling so defeated as a Christian and I just really longed to hear fresh words of God's truth. And the truth is, we are not defeated; God is still in control.  The decision came as no surprise to Him.  Yes, He is grieved, but we as Christians have got to press on and show the world the love of Christ, which is a love like no other.  

Late yesterday evening, I FINALLY got my trip to Target!  We got rained out last week and Wayne was kind enough to take Baby Girl and I again. I ran into a co-worker who laughed with me about having to drive the "grandma mobile (cart)" again, but it was all in fun!  One trip to Target and we walked out with some moisturizer for me, a pair of overall shorts for Alise to start school in, and a basket FULL of candy!!  It was ridiculous, really. I was hoping to get in some cheap retail therapy, but I didn't find anything.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!  How are your July 4th plans coming?  I'm beginning my menu planning! Eek!  I love Independence Day!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday: Favorite Dips

Earlier this week, Alise's softball coach sent a text that our end-of-the-year party will be this Saturday evening at a local pizzeria.  Now, I have to admit, I got a little sad.  Normally the party is at our house because of the pool and the cook shack and it turns into a great time for the kids and the parents.  I didn't say anything to Wayne about how disappointed I was that we couldn't host this year because of my accident.  Fast forward to Wednesday when Wayne calls me during the day and says, "Uh?  I think I'm gonna tell Clay that we can just have the party at our house!"  

{Insert smiley face}

We LOVE to entertain and have friends over so when Wayne told me that the party had been moved to our house, I knew I had to act fast.  Luckily, pizza was still on the menu and I called up a local bakery and ordered cupcakes to look like softballs.  Done.

Or so I thought.

My mind started racing for snack foods - mostly for the parents.  I mean, how many kids get out of the pool for dip and appetizers? I might be surprised.

I hadn't planned on posting a "Five on Friday/Favorites" post today until I started thinking about all the great dip recipes that we love and BAM!  A post was born!  Enjoy!

{And I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for not having any mouth-watering pics to go along with these wonderful recipes, but I didn't want to get arrested for copyright laws while I'm trying to plan a party, so just take my word for it and click on the links!}

{one.} Spinach Artichoke Dip.  If you do not have a Copeland's of New Orleans restaurant in your area, find one, run to it, and order the Spinach Artichoke Dip with Bowtie Pasta.  I promise you will NOT be disappointed!  Living 300 miles away from NOLA, Copeland's is one of the best restaurants in our area for cajun cuisine. We DEVOUR this stuff, y'all! Now.  About the recipe.  I've made this before and it turned out just like the dish at the restaurant.  But I will tell you this: it's a lot of work.  But to me, it's oh-so worth it!! You can leave out the bowtie pasta part if you want because it's excellent with chips or, another favorite of mine, bruschetta bread.

{two.} Laura's Fruit Dip.  Ha!  What a chef-worthy name, right?  Hey!  But you're going to LOVE this!  TWO ingredients!  I promise! Buy 8 ounces of cream cheese and let it get room temperature.  Mix it with 7 ounces of marshmellow cream and serve with fruit!  Easy, peasy!  And I WILL be serving it this Saturday night in a hulled out pineapple boat.  So cute!

{three.} Mississippi Sin Dip. In Louisiana, we call this, "Apache Bread," and I love, love, love this dip!  Especially with a glass of wine. However, in the wonderful world of Pinterest, it's called Mississippi Sin Dip.  Let's not draw lines in the sand, now girls! WHATEVER you call it, it's awesome and a perfect appetizer for entertaining!  Click HERE for my version or HERE for the version I found on Pinterest.

{four.} Buffalo Chicken Dip. Okay, I don't know about y'all, but I really don't care for meat in my dips.  Maybe in queso. But that's just me.  So when Angie told me she was bringing Buffalo Chicken Dip over one time for a party, I was like, "Hmmm...?!" {Insert confused face} But I tried it!  And discovered that I really, really like it!  It's more of a "man's dip" to me, but it's easy, it's got a nice flavor with a KICK!  And we like our food spicy!!  My favorite recipe is by Christy Jordan, also known for her phenomenal website, Southern Plate.  Click HERE for her Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe!  And if you're not following Christy on Facebook or Instagram, well, you should be!  I love her cookbook, Southern Plate, too. Check it out HERE.

{I'm beginning to see a pattern.  I think we like cheese.  And alot of it!}

{five.} Cherry Cheesecake Dip.  I discovered this dip around the holidays last year.  I found the recipe on Pinterest and took it to a New Year's Eve party at Leigh's and it was a HIT!  Everyone loved it!  I think it would be absolutely PERFECT for your 4th of July parties!  I might even make it for ours next week, too!  Click HERE for the link!

If you decide to try one of these great dip appetizers over the next few weeks, leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it.

Be sure to stop by next week! Felicia will be taking over the reins of the blog one day for your reading pleasure. I may regret it.

I hope you have a fun summer weekend for the last one of June!  Just think! Christmas is in SIX months!!


Bes of Baby   

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Words For Wednesday

Maybe you didn't notice, but I didn't reference the Hosea Bible Study I'm doing in my title this week.  I decided to take a week off.  And I have a peace about it, so I don't feel "bad" or like a "failure" for not completing week 3 of the study.

I needed some time.  I needed time with my daughter who was gone all week to church camp.  And even though Wayne and I had an enjoyable week together, I needed some family time, too.  I needed my Peeps! 

I'm not going to lie.  Last week with going to the orthopedist and getting Felicia (my boot), and trying to stay horizontal with a heavy boot and crutches, and trying to figure out how I was going to drive myself to work and get Alise to her regular camp for the rest of the summer, it was just a bad week.  And I KNOW nothing was broken, and I KNOW I'm fortunate enough that this is just a season and I won't have to use crutches for the rest of my life, but it's still hard.  I'm tired of looking at all our carpets rolled up in our house just so I can wheel around in a rolling desk chair to get my normal household duties done!  

Thank you for allowing me to have a pity party.

But I also needed time to digest what I shared with you guys last week about the difference between our 'identity' and 'iddiction.' I told you the first week, that I felt like God was calling me back to Himself this summer.  Because of work and deadlines, I had gotten out of going to church - most of the time Alise and Wayne would go without me while I went to work, I quit praying, and basically had the mindset of, "just let me get through this first and then I'll read my Bible again," and I just continued to put God off because - you guessed it! - something else always came up that needed my attention. I never stopped.

But I had time to blog.  I had time to get on Facebook.  And I had time to post pics on IG.  I had time to run to Target. I had time for a manicure.  I had time to read the latest novel.

And I think Tuesday night, on June 9th, God had simply had enough. He has now guaranteed His time because I can't do anything.  I can't pick my pajamas off the floor.  I can't brown hamburger meat for supper. I can't put my makeup on without a hand held mirror. I can't take Jack outside for his potty breaks {not that that's MY responsibility, but you get the point}.

But I can pray now.  And I have more time for a quiet time. I've opened my Bible more in the last three weeks than I have in the last three months. And ya know what?  It feels good!

The devil knows our weaknesses.  He knew Eve's.  He knows mine is busyness. Plain and simple. I believe if we don't make time for God in our lives, He'll make time for us.  Unfortunately, I'm having to learn the hard way now, but the lesson will be worth the journey.